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CDC of the Canary Islands
Antonio Cabrera de León
Principal Investigator
Antonio Cabrera

The “CDC of the Canary Islands” is the first cohort study in the archipelago. It  follows a general population sample that was recruited at the beginning of the XXI century. The acronym CDC means Cardiovascular, Diabetes and Cancer, the three mean diseases in these islands.

This study was launched by group of family doctors, ten years ago. Today, we are almost a fortnight of physicians, chemists, biologists and epidemiologists, most of us having  clinical practice and some in full-time research. We are an example of the collective effort made by the primary care professionals since the early 80’s of the last century with the aim of increasing knowledge about health and illness in the Canarian population.

After several years dedicated to the recruitment of participants in the 7 islands (2000-2005), at last we have this large database and we're starting to exploit it.  This is resulting in a progressive growth of our scientific production and, while we gain in impact, try to make our publications have application in clinical practice. To cite one, we:

  • A.- Developed the first calibrated charts of cardiovascular risk estimation for the population of the Canary Islands and we hope that, once validated, can be included in primary care medical records (Medicina Clínica  2006; 126: 521-526).
  • B.- Validated a simple clinical score for screening of diabetes that is currently being validated in several health centers of the Islands and the Peninsula as a prelude to its possible routine use in primary care (Diab. Res. Clin. Pract. 2008; 80:128-133).
  • C.- Demonstrated a simple way to measure sedentarism in clinical practice and its usefulness for the health of patients (Revista Española de Cardiología, 2007; 60: 244 - 250).
  • D.- Validated an indicator of social class that will improve the investigation of this determinant of health in primary care (Rev Esp Salud Pública. 2009; 83: 231-242).
  • D.- Shown on what should family doctors concentrate their efforts to improve the health of people with diabetes in the Canary Islands (Rev Esp Salud Pública. 2009; 83: 567-575).

We collaborate with other research groups, often outside the realm of primary care, both within our own Research Unit (Groups of Pneumology [PI Dr. Ciro Casanova], Dermatology [PI Dr. Ricardo Fernández de Misa], Nephrology [PI Dr. Juan Navarro]), as with other groups of Islands (ICIC cancer group[PI Dr. Nicolás Díaz Chico]) and the rest of Spain (cancer group from Santiago de Compostela [PI Dr. Angel Carracedo] and cardiovascular disease group IMIM Barcelona [PI Dr. Jaume Marrugat]).